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Financial Regulations

Standing Orders  – to be reviewed in May

Committee Terms Of Reference – to be reviewed in June

Code-of-Conduct-revised-August-2018- To be reviewed annually


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Data Protection Registration

Mayor’s Handbook – May 2018 – May 2019

Planters licence – to be reviewed in May

Adverse weather – to be reviewed March 2020

Health & Safety Policy & Disclaimer for Volunteers – to be reviewed in April

Health and Safety Policy Statement – to be reviewed April 2019

First-Aid – to be reviewed September

Complaints – to be reviewed in September

Chld-Protection-Policy-August-2018-To be Reviewed Annually

Correspondance-Policy-August 2018- To be Reviewed Annually

Discussion-with-Developers- To be reviewed Annually 

Planning Code of Good Practice – to be reviewed in April

Grant Application Form – to be reviewed in April

Allotments – to be reviewed in December

Recording Meetings – to be reviewed in December 

Tree Work – to be reviewed in November 

Telephone – to be reviewed in November

Memorial benches – to be reviewed in November

Beekeeping – to be reviewed in April 

Document Retention Policy 2018- To be reviewed annually

Adverse weather – to be reviewed March 2020

Volunteers – Draft – to be agreed 

Public questions at meetings – Draft to be agreed

Freedom of Information Act

Recording of Public Meetings  – to be reviewed in November 2018

Equal opportunities statement – to be reviewed February 2019

Data Transparency


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