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The Neighbourhood Development Plan is now out to a second regulation 15 consultation, the details of which can be seen at the following link:

Peacehaven and Telscombe Towns neighbourhood plan – Lewes and Eastbourne Councils (

The Vision 2030

Peacehaven and Telscombe towns aim to be sustainable, with clean air and an environment providing a good quality of life for all inhabitants and residents.

Key Objectives

​A refocused Town Centre on the Meridian Site including retail, leisure and food and drink outlets, small business units essential for sustainable living. Safe pedestrian walkways, cycle pathways to access all areas within the built-up areas and the countryside. New housing aimed at local needs including low-cost long-term rentals.



The Neighbourhood Development Plan was set up in 2013 to cover the designated area of Peacehaven and Telscombe Towns planning boundaries.

Peacehaven Town Council is the responsible authority and therefore has taken the lead in applying for all grants and technical consultancy work.

​Because of the size of the area and population, the plan has always been considered complex. Infrastructure limitations, particularly along the A259 coastal road, add to the difficulties and complexities. The production of the plan has also been affected by the Covid pandemic which has to a great extent limited face to face meetings.

​The draft Neighbourhood Development Plan has been submitted to Lewes District Council (LDC) as the Local Planning Authority for Submission (Regulation 16) consultation including with other neighbouring planning authorities. LDC is responsible for the process and the financing of this stage. All comments are collated by LDC and sent with the Draft NDP unchanged to an independent Examiner. The Examiner is jointly appointed by the Town and District Councils and paid for by a Government Grant.


 ​Key Documents

Summary leaflet

​The final step is for the Examiner to recommend the neighbourhood plan is put to a referendum of the electorate living in Peacehaven and Telscombe Town Council areas.

For further information or large print versions of any of the documents, please contact the Peacehaven or Telscombe town council clerks:-

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