Towards A Zero-Carbon Peacehaven

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The town of Peacehaven is not only the point on the South Coast where the Greenwich Meridian enters and exits the country, but it also remains the only town in the UK to be named after peace.

With its natural beauty, surrounding countryside and stunning coastal location, it is a community and town to be proud of which needs to be protected, cherished and sustained for future generations.

With this in mind, Peacehaven Town Council hosted its first ‘Towards Zero Carbon Peacehaven’ event at The Meridian Centre on Saturday 9th April, to highlight and demonstrate the things – even the smallest of things – residents, local companies – in fact everyone – can all do to help the town move Towards Zero Carbon.

So what exactly is Zero Carbon and what does it mean? Councillor David Seabrook explained: Zero Carbon means that no carbon emissions are being produced. Whereas traditional energy sources such as coal, gas, oil, petrol and diesel all produce Carbon Dioxide when they are burned as fuel to produce electricity or power your car or heat your home. Zero Carbon means that no carbon emissions are being produced.

“Of course, Zero Carbon is unrealistic which is why you hear about Net Zero Carbon or Carbon Neutral, where carbon emissions are offset through schemes such as tree planting.

“For example, changing to a renewable energy sources, such as wind or solar, will dramatically reduce carbon emissions – and let’s not forget that renewable energy is now not only cleaner, but often cheaper than fossil fuels.”                                     

However, it’s not only about energy. Carbon can also be reduced by simple actions, which can save you money, such as buying locally produced food, reducing emissions from transport by walking, cycling, using public transport and avoiding flying, buying less stuff; for example, thinking ‘do you really need the latest smart phone or a new 72 inch TV?’

Towards Zero Carbon Peacehaven was sponsored by Rampion Offshore Wind and supported by The Big Lemon Bus Company who ran a free electric bus around the town and Telscombe, helping to get people to and from the event.

In addition, the event saw a wide variety of stalls and exhibitors including a Climate Café, Dr Bike, Sustrans, Enterprise Car Club, Cycling Without Age, Community Orchard and Garden, Energy Champions, Ovesco, Plastic Free Peacehaven, Greenhavens, Water Refill, Sussex Air Conditioning & Heat Pumps, Sussex Wildlife Trust, Freegle, Lewes District Council, Water Blade and many more; all of whom had attendees on hand to explain how we can make small changes that will help make a difference.

“In 2019, Peacehaven Town Council declared a Climate Emergency which pledged to make Peacehaven Town Council carbon neutral by 2030. To limit the impact of Climate Change we all have a part to play and it is vital that all communities play their part in reducing carbon emissions.

“We hope that our event encouraged our community to make small, inexpensive changes that will, in time, make a big impact. Not every change needs to be expensive like a new electric car or a heat pump, there are many smaller, cheaper things we can all do that can have a positive impact on Climate Change. Together, we can make a difference and every little helps,” David added.

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