The Mayor of Peacehaven, Cllr Sharkey  recently opened a new disability swing in the Big Park.

Hear what local residents and parents, Jo Spear and Rebecca Riley had to say about the new swing below:

''For parents and carers of children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEN) in a small town, the ability to just pop to the park is no easy task.

We find ourselves constantly having to travel to bigger towns and often the nearest city centre to find inclusive play equipment and facilities for our children.

After many deflating conversations we decided we shouldn't have to travel for our children to have the same basic amenities that everyone else has access to.

We started a social media group to meet other local families in our community going through the same thing. We then extended the conversation to our Town Council and in turn set up a fundraiser for inclusive play equipment and dedicated changing spaces for all ages that require adapted facilities.

It is so important for us to have our community understand and become invested in making our Town inclusive for all! We hope that in opening up the conversation and bringing in new equipment like the swing which was installed yesterday, we can create a town that we are proud of because it is inclusive for all!

We now have a dedicated swing in arguably the busiest park in Peacehaven and hope that existing equipment can be made to be more inclusive in future and that working with the Council we can extend this ambition to other parks too.''

To get involved or find out more about the project please join the group on facebook:
Peacehaven Children with Disabilities/SEN inclusive Group