Residents, their children, Town Councillors and Peacehaven Town Council Staff today sowed wildflower seeds for improving biodiversity in The Dell in Peacehaven.

This was the start of a project in the Dell that will include a water refill station, a wildflower interpretation board and a Heritage Board that will describe the history of the Theatre / Cinema that once stood on the site.

This site might seem bare at first glance but take a closer look and you will be surprised at what you find! The Dell is being carefully managed to restore the chalk grassland and increase wildflower species. Chalk grassland is a precious yet vulnerable landscape that can host as many as 40 different plant species in just one square metre.

The wildflowers found on chalk grassland sites provide a crucial source of food for butterflies and bees. Without careful management, other plants and grasses would soon take over this habitat and the chalk grassland would be quickly lost.

The site forms part of a ‘bee corridor’ along the coastline which helps link fragmented habitats and boost pollinator numbers. Dees, butterflies, beetles, wasps and flies all carry out vital work pollinating our food crops, but many species have seen huge declines.

A mix of wildflower seeds have been sown across the park in three areas, look out for the blue hearts, to give a helping hand to our pollinating insects.