We are here to help!

If you are disabled or know anyone who is disabled or an older person who is not as fit as you were, or maybe you are a parent with a disabled child, with problems getting out and about. Below is a list of things we can address on your behalf…

Broken and uneven pavements
Lack of suitable crossings for wheel chairs
Toilet facilities
Entrances to public buildings
Obstacles making it difficult to manoeuvre safely, {such as vehicles parked across pavements, ‘A’ Boards inconsiderately placed, Overhanging foliage}
Please do not hesitate to contact us so we are aware of anything in the environment that is bothering you.

Our access officer is:

Sue Dunkley | 01273 484409 e-mail sue.dunkley@lewes.gov.uk

Secretary | Jill Fry – 01273 584953 e-mail jill@jillfry.wannadoo.co.uk