Please complete this form if you would like to suggest land for future development in the neighbourhood area of Peacehaven, Telscombe or East Saltdean.

Please use a separate form for each site submitted. You must attached a 1.1250 scale ordinance survey map with the boundaries of the site clearly marked in red; please open the link for further information.

NDP Survey First Conversation April 2018

Employment Questionnaire Sept 2018

PT First Conversation Boards Final

Introduction to Neighbourhood Plans. leaflet Feb 2018

Basic facts about Peacehaven East Ward

Basic facts about Peacehaven North Ward

Basic facts about Peacehaven West Ward

Basic facts about East Saltdean and Telscombe Cliffs Ward

Survey Summary findings


What is a neighbourhood plan?

In 2011 the Localism Act reformed the planning system to enable local people more say in determining how their local areas are developed. This has enabled local groups to work with Town Councils to set out a vision for the places they live, study and work.

This can include identifying where you think new homes, shops, leisure facilities or employment opportunities are to be built and what these buildings should look like within the local area.
A Neighbourhood Plan will give local people an increased ability to influence planning decisions in the local area, and as such will need to be representative of the people that work and live in the towns.

Peacehaven and Telscombe Town Council have already started an early part of this process by having the two towns defined as a Neighbourhood Planning Area, but the Town Councils would like to enlist the assistance of local people within the local community to help ensure that the vision created is one that is representative of the local area.