What is a neighbourhood plan?

In 2011 the Localism Act reformed the planning system to enable local people more say in determining how their local areas are developed. This has enabled local groups to work with Town Councils to set out a vision for the places they live, study and work.
This can include identifying where you think new homes, shops, leisure facilities or employment opportunities are to be built and what these buildings should look like within the local area.
A Neighbourhood Plan will give local people an increased ability to influence planning decisions in the local area, and as such will need to be representative of the people that work and live in the towns.
Peacehaven and Telscombe Town Council have already started an early part of this process by having the two towns defined as a Neighbourhood Planning Area, but the Town Councils would like to enlist the assistance of local people within the local community to help ensure that the vision created is one that is representative of the local area.


It is not compulsory for Town Councils to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan, however there are a number of benefits which may make developing a Neighbourhood Plan desirable.
Preparing a Neighbourhood Plan will help the community play a greater role in creating the future of your local area, it can help shape employment growth, housing, education and health provision.
It will bring local residents, businesses, local groups, landowners and Councils together to share ideas and build a consensus about what needs to be done in the local community. IT’S OUR COMMUNITY We need to start working out how we want our towns to be developed and what we need to provide for future generations. We need your help to work with the Telscombe and Peacehaven Town Councils to develop a plan which will be used to help make planning decisions in the future.

Have your say: New Peacehaven town centre on Meridian site survey

An online survey has been launched to gather the views of Peacehaven residents on what they want for their new town centre on the Meridian site by the Peacehaven and Telscombe Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group (PTNDP).

The Co-operative Group is selling its land interest whilst leasing a new building for its store. There will be continuous trading by the Co-op on the site. The redevelopment will be achieved by Henry Davidson Developments Limited (HDD). Soon HDD will commence a series of public participation consultations. A planning application is expected to be submitted to Lewes District Council who are the planning authority by the end of the year.

Cathy Gallagher, Chair of the PTNDP said, “This survey will add to the workshop we held in February and help us ensure that the views of Peacehaven residents for the new town centre are represented. This is a fantastic opportunity to shape the future of our town for generations to come.”

The survey includes an option for residents to rank suggested options including weekend markets, a covered shopping area and a pedestrianised street with options to add ideas. The survey can be completed online here.: www.peacehaven-and-telscombe-neighbourhood-plan-steering-group.co.uk/survey

The survey is one of several opportunities’ residents will have to put forward their ideas for the new town centre.

If you would like to fill it out offline please contact 07810 560337 or email ptsteergroup@yahoo.com.