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7th August 2017

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Overhanging Vegetation


Overgrown hedges and vegetation cause real safety problems for people using the highways especially if they suffer from impaired vision or need a little more space for wheelchairs, mobility scooters or buggies. This can be dangerous if they are forced into the road to avoid the obstruction.


Hedge Cutting and tree cutting - Land owner responsibilities


Most hedges adjacent to the highway form part of the private boundary feature of the property and therefore the responsibility for maintenance of the hedge is that of the land or property owner. We will request that the owner cuts this back, if we see problems during a routine inspection or a complaint has been raised of it overhanging the highway; for reasons such as causing danger or an obstruction, or interfering with the spread of light from a street lamp.

If this is not done the Highway Authority may serve a formal notice, which may lead them to cutting it back themselves and recovering the cost from you.


Maintaining your hedges and trees


Please maintain your hedges and trees responsibly and inspect them regularly especially during the growing season. We do respect the environment and in some cases will consider the impact maintenance on vegetation would have, however safety is our main priority and would urge people to think about this too.

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Information about the hedges we maintain and how to report an overhanging or overgrown hedge.


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