Author's stories based on Peacehaven

12th June 2018

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J S Weston is an author from North West London.

He publishes short stories on his website and is currently in the motions of getting his debut novel published. He has an MA in Creative Writing from Brunel University and a BSc in Applied psychology.

Though his stories are set in an unfamiliar reality, his characters’ experiences, feelings and struggles are familiar to our reality and the settings are similar to places that exist in the real world.

He often writes about Peacehaven and the surrounding area. Whilst his novels are often set in the future or alternate worlds they may be of interest to Peacehaven Residents.

The tone of his stories is similar to that of Philip K Dick and the simplicity of his prose, inspired by Ernest Hemingway, although his style can be described as unconventional.

With his background in psychology, his work often focuses on the human condition. His deep spiritual beliefs lead him to explore the connection between the soul, consciousness and interpersonal relationships.

His visits to the south coast of England as a youngster impressed upon him a sense of peacefulness and relaxation. He believes there is nothing more inspirational than feeling the cool wind on your face, perched on a deserted cliff, staring out to sea.

When he isn’t writing, he spends time with his wife and son, playing in the park, laughing at the silly things they all do and travelling around the UK and Europe.

Please follow the link to read some of his stories:

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