Advertising screen in Community House

The Town Council has installed a TV advertising screen in the foyer of Community House, next to the council Offices:
to advertise our events, community news, information and to offer advertising to our local businesses.

It is estimated that in the region of 35,000 people per annum visit the Town Council offices to attend events. Our offices are visited by many Peacehaven residents and visitors to the town.

The screen will, therefore, offer a unique and exciting opportunity and facility for local businesses to advertise their goods and services:-

£10 per month (£120 per year) for a 3 year contract

£12 per month (£144 per year) for a 2 year contract

£15 per month (£180 per year) for a 1 year contract.

If you would like to take advantage using this popular type of advertising please contact us on 01273 585493 or email us at