Peacehaven Mayor’s Children’s Christmas Gift Box Appeal

The Mayor of Peacehaven, Cllr. Claude Cheta launched a campaign in November to bring the community together and support the Seahaven (SCDA) food bank. Claude was enthused by the Markus Rushford ‘no child will go without’ appeal in October that he decided to appeal to the general public and residents of Peacehaven to support his campaign ‘no child will go without a Christmas gift’.

The results have been amazing. With the help from volunteers, Peacehaven Town Council have collected around 183 parcels for children of all ages.

The photo shows the Lions Club van with the parcels on board, The Mayor of Peacehaven Cllr Claude Cheta, Cllr. Dawn Paul co-ordinator, Penny Shimmin (CEO, SCDA), John Cornish, SCDA Board of Trustees Chair, Andy Millward (SCDA), Deborah Donovan PTC Civic Officer, Karen Bray Information Officer and Michael Ripley Senior Caretaker.

We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this worthwhile cause, certainly ‘No child in the Haven’s area will go without a Christmas gift.

The Mayor and Open House Estate Agents are also supporting an appeal made by Kempton House Day Centre, who are preparing Christmas Day Meals for just £5 for those who are on their own and for families who may find cooking a Christmas meal difficult. If you live in the Haven’s area, please contact Sue Taylor to book on 07821515118.