Download Tree Protection Orders within the Town (dated December 2017)

In interpreting the spread sheet a number of things should be borne in mind.

  1. The address shown is not an accurate location of the protected trees which might actually be located on adjacent land, or on land that has since been developed or has changed in some way.
  2. Some Orders are outdated and in need of a review. Some have been varied to show that they have been reviewed.
  3. Some trees have been legitimately removed with consent which may not be immediately apparent from what is implied by the site address.
  4. The town/parish column was used to identify ‘Peacehaven’ TPOs but some may be located in adjacent areas and therefore not shown.
  5. The ’greyed out’ Orders are no longer extant and must be ignored. They may have been varied or replaced.

The columns shown on the spread are headed as follows (from left to right)

  1. TPO title
  2. Town/Parish
  3. File reference number
  4. TPO sequential number and year made
  5. Service date
  6. Confirmed date
  7. Refers to hard copy
  8. Review priority (0= very low whereas 3 = high)
  9. TPO status
  10. New reference number where appropriate
  11. Status of replacement Order
  12. Presence of confirmation document
  13. Notes