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LW/20/0204  The Sussex Coaster 80-82 South Coast Road

Demolition of public house and re-development to provide seventeen residential units with associated vehicle parking and landscaping.

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LW/20/0189 Land between high acres and highstead park, telscombe road.

Erection of 5x two storey three bedroom residential house with associated refuse recycling and storage areas, a new vehicular access and ten private parking spaces.



Cllr Griffiths - I am concerned with the application for Telscombe Road as they have answered 'no' to the question of biodiversity and protected species and have not provided an environmental survey. I know this site well and believe there could be many small reptiles and birds using the site at it has been a safe place for them for years. At the very least I would expect them to find slowworms there. Unless they provide a full environmental survey I would suggest that this is turned down.

Cllr Paul - Green acres and Highview I can see no reason to refuse application, the proposed site is in keeping with all the roads that are in that area, and is sympathetic to the neighbours (as in garden to end of garden) and is replacing an area of unused scrub that has been a total wilderness for the whole 27 years I’ve been living here  The only point of interest is that the developer owns double the size of the plot they are developing, which could mean at a later date they may want to develop down into the Valley, but hopefully as the overall plot is steeply sloping this would make any further development too difficult.

Cllr Seabrook - would recommend approval for this development. The number of houses is appropriate to the site and is in keeping with the neighbourhood. The site has been vacant for quite a long time and there is a lot of wildlife which will be destroyed including mature apple trees. I cannot see any evidence of an environmental survey being carried out.

Cllr Sharkey -looking at the plans it would seem that the closes on either side ((Greenacres and  Highstead) are of a similar size with the same number of properties so I don't think we could claim over-development there

Cllr Goble -Would like to see an environmental survey


LW/20/0091 land adjoining 33 the highway peacehaven

Provision of multi use games arena


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No Concerns


LW/20/0039 14 Montreal Close

Erection of fence around the front of the property


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Cllr Griffiths -is a contradiction in the application for 14 Montreal Close. The application papers are for a fence but the Design & access letter states that it is a wall. I have no problems with giving approval for a fence but am concerned it could end up being a wall.

Cllr Sharkey -I think that the Montreal Close one is inappropriate whether it's a wall or a gate.  This estate has quite an 'open plan' design so blocking properties off like this would seem to be out of character (numbers 2 and 5 on the red sheet.)

Cllr Seabrook - I would recommend refusal. Montreal Close is part of the Bovis estate which is predominantly open plan. This planned brick wall that is almost 6 feet high is directly across the front of the property and is not in keeping with the neighbourhood and could set a precedent. There are usually Covenants on property such as this that would restrict the building of 6 feet high boundary walls in front of the house. There is also a contradiction in the application; the proposal is to erect a Wall to the front of the property although the planning application says it is a fence.

Cllr Hill - Must be looked at regarding any covenant that exists for the property.


LW/20/0072 - 6 Downland Ave Peacehaven - Planning application for loft conversion
Lewes DC Grants permission
Peacehaven's Planning & Highways Committee Supported this application
LW/20/0111 - 16 Seaview Road - planning application for new cladding to exterior
Lewes DC Grants permission
Peacehaven's Planning & Highways Committee Supported this application
LW/20/0142 - 15 Ashmore Close - planning application for single storey rear and side extension
Lewes DC Grants permission
Peacehaven's Planning & Highways Committee Supported this application