Join me in The FIVE THOUSAND Tin/Jar Challenge for the SCDA FOOD BANK

We are delighted to announce that the challenge raised £465 for the Foodbank. A big thanks to everyone who contributed towards this challenge by either donating items of food or a money contribution.


The Mayor of Peacehaven, Cllr. Claude Cheta has launched a campaign asking residents to donate either a tin or jar of food which will be delivered to the Seahaven Food Bank.

Cllr. Cheta has picked this charitable organisation to support whilst in post as Mayor.

Peacehaven Town Council are open for donations every weekday morning at Community House, Meridian Centre; however, we understand that the normal way of life has drastically changed over the past three months and it may be difficult to carry out a shopping trip to the supermarket. Bearing this in mind, we have also set up a GoFundMe so you can donate to the Mayor’s appeal without having to leave the house.

Either way it will help this vital cause. The Seahaven Foodbank covers the Havens which includes Peacehaven clients.

Seahaven Foodbank, also known as Newhaven Foodbank, provides food parcels to families and individuals in Newhaven, Sussex, and the surrounding areas.

The falloff in food donations caused by the Covid-19 crisis and the jump in demand that we have seen for the service has meant that the food bank has had to start buying food and other essential products. This, together with the need to move to a delivery model and the widening of the geographical area served, has increased costs significantly. A financial donation will enable supplies to be purchased and distributed to those who are struggling and vulnerable. A food parcel for an individual for one-week costs £14, or £18 with toiletries.

All donations to the Mayor’s GoFuneMe page on Facebook will go directly to the food bank.

More information about Sussex Community Development Association: SCDA works across East Sussex delivering community based services aimed at addressing the needs of the most vulnerable in the community, including Young people’s activities, youth club, specialist counselling Info and Advice Hub in Newhaven Seahaven Food Bank Counselling services Support for survivors of suicide Safe from Harm Community activities, courses and events Employability projects Denton Island Nursery Family and children’s activities and events for BAME communities

See for more information.




If you wish to book to organise this event please contact 01283 585493.

I will be holding the first Car Boot on 1st August at the Dell from 8.00am to 2.00pm

Sellers can turn up from 8.00am and buyers 9.00am NO queuing on the roundabout please!
Sale ends at 2.00pm
These events will run throughout August & September, please contact 01273 585493 to show your interest if you wish to organise a future car boot sale. We are currently running a special discounted ‘welcome back’ hire charge for these particular events.
The event should be fully COVID-19 compliant sellers and buyers should follow the Government’s guidelines.
Correct pitch money accepted only no change will be given. All rubbish to be taken away at the end of the event.
During our most recent council meeting, it was resolved that I remain your Mayor as we continue our individual and collective battle against Covid19.

First, I would like to thank you for your valuable support during the initial term that ended this month of May 2020.

I think we had a good year together. With your support, I did my best to connect with the community, meet
new people and listen to your concerns. I hope I was able to bring some smile to faces or address these
concerns. Together we fundraised for four charities: Chillax, Kempton House Day Centre, Know Dementia
and CTLA.

I am delighted to announce that the sum of £12,632.82 was raised during my Mayoral year. It has been decided to split £10,000 of that sum to each charity, leaving £2632.82 in the charity fund. As I remain Mayor for the time being, I will continue to support residents, groups and organisations.

I have therefore, decided with immediate effect to donate £1,000 to the Seahaven Food Bank. This will leave a foundation sum of £1,632.82 to start this year’s fundraising for my chosen charity and I am pleased to announce this will be the Seahaven Food Bank. Please help me support the Seahaven Food Bank and ensure that no one is left behind in our battle against COVID19. No one from Peacehaven should go to bed hungry.

I hope that you found my weekly broadcasts of benefit. I will continue to publish the videos as a way of supporting our residents.



Take extra care of yourself and be kind to others.

Dear residents,

Within a couple of weeks, the threat of Coronavirus has completely changed the way we live work and socialise in Peacehaven. So many are now working from home and with increased exposure to media, fear has spread very quickly, and we are all genuinely concerned.

At Peacehaven Town Council we are following all advice made by the Government to keep our staff, councillors and community members safe.

Despite the fear, I’d like to say that it is in time of great challenges that we see kindness, love and solidarity at their best in the community. In the shopping centre yesterday, someone I did not know helped me carry my groceries. I received a message from a neighbour offering to help any elderly who needs food, medication or support with shopping.  This filled my heart with hope and reassured me that we will never be alone.

With so many people already lonely called to self-isolate, I am now confident that our collective effort will overcome today’s challenges in Peacehaven. Here are some simple steps we can take to strengthen our community:

  1. Think about others and be kind to everyone.
  2. Reach out to your neighbour, friends and relatives and offer to help.
  3. Stay informed and follow Government Guidance.
  4. Support the most vulnerable members of the community
  5. Share accurate information and advice.

Yes, together we will prevail over Coronavirus.

Take extra care of yourself and be kind to others.

Claude Cheta,

Your Mayor 


The Role of the Mayor

The Mayor and, in his/her absence, the Deputy Mayor will have the following responsibilities: 

  • To chair council meetings;
  • To focus his/her activities on the communities of the town and, by focusing on the council’s priorities, strengthen its links between those local communities and the council;
  • To act as an enabler and ambassador by arranging meetings between the council and other parties for the benefit of the town, coordinated for them by the Civic & Marketing Officer.

The Mayor may call an extraordinary meeting of the council, subject to provisions in the council’s standing orders. If the Mayor fails or refuses to call an extraordinary meeting within 7 days after a request signed by 2 members of the Council, those 2 members may call an extraordinary meeting.

The Deputy Mayor only has a civic and legal status in the absence of the Mayor. It follows that invitations to a function should not be sent to (or solicited by) a Deputy Mayor. The Deputy Mayor should not attend functions in his/her own right but only when deputising for the Mayor. The Deputy Mayor does not wear his/her chain of office when the Mayor is attending the same function.

All invitations should be sent for consideration to the Mayor as First Citizen (via the Civic & Marketing Officer). If the Mayor cannot attend, it may be appropriate to pass on the invitation to the Deputy Mayor, at the discretion of the Civic and Marketing Officer.

If you would like to get in touch with the Mayor to arrange a visit or for him to attend an engagement please contact: Deborah Donovan, Civic Officer

The Chain of Office

The chain of office was designed and made by a local company (Studio Crafts) in 2003. Each of the links has an image of the Meridian Monument (also on the Town’s logo) engraved on it and, therefore, the chain of office is a unique piece of regalia.

The Mayor’s Charities

If the Mayor decides they wish to support a charity and/or local projects during their term of office, they should ensure that the charity is non-political, non-discriminatory and should benefit residents of the town. Monies must not be donated to profit making businesses established for that purpose.

Cllr. Cheta is currently supporting the following charity:-


The Mayor’s Handbook

Mayor’s Handbook May 2019