The Role of the Mayor

The Mayor and, in his/her absence, the Deputy Mayor will have the following responsibilities: 

  • To chair council meetings;
  • To focus his/her activities on the communities of the town and, by focusing on the council’s priorities, strengthen its links between those local communities and the council;
  • To act as an enabler and ambassador by arranging meetings between the council and other parties for the benefit of the town, coordinated for them by the Civic & Marketing Officer.

The Mayor may call an extraordinary meeting of the council, subject to provisions in the council’s standing orders. If the Mayor fails or refuses to call an extraordinary meeting within 7 days after a request signed by 2 members of the Council, those 2 members may call an extraordinary meeting.

The Deputy Mayor only has a civic and legal status in the absence of the Mayor. It follows that invitations to a function should not be sent to (or solicited by) a Deputy Mayor. The Deputy Mayor should not attend functions in his/her own right but only when deputising for the Mayor. The Deputy Mayor does not wear his/her chain of office when the Mayor is attending the same function.

All invitations should be sent for consideration to the Mayor as First Citizen (via the Civic & Marketing Officer). If the Mayor cannot attend, it may be appropriate to pass on the invitation to the Deputy Mayor, at the discretion of the Civic and Marketing Officer.

If you would like to get in touch with the Mayor to arrange a visit or for him to attend an engagement please contact: Deborah Donovan, Civic Officer

The Chain of Office

The chain of office was designed and made by a local company (Studio Crafts) in 2003. Each of the links has an image of the Meridian Monument (also on the Town’s logo) engraved on it and, therefore, the chain of office is a unique piece of regalia.

The Mayor’s Charities

If the Mayor decides they wish to support a charity and/or local projects during their term of office, they should ensure that the charity is non-political, non-discriminatory and should benefit residents of the town. Monies must not be donated to profit making businesses established for that purpose.

Cllr. Cheta is supporting the following charities throughout his term of office:-

CTLA, Chillax, Kempton House Day Centre, Know Dementia

The Mayor’s Handbook

Mayor’s Handbook May 2019