All Allotments are located in Cornwall Avenue, Peacehaven, and are fully tenanted. Renewal of plots takes place in January each year but there is currently a waiting list.

The charge for the allotments from 1st January 2023 is £35 per full plot and £25 per half plot.

Why rent an allotment?
An allotment can provide fresh fruit and vegetables, a healthy outdoor life and a place to relax.

How can I apply for an allotment?
Please contact or call 01273 585493.  After you have applied for a plot you will be placed on a waiting list.  When you have reached  the top of the waiting list, we will contact you and provide you will details of the vacant plot.  Once an agreement is completed, documentation and an invoice will be sent to you.

Helpful tips for new tenants
Here are 11 helpful tips for new tenants:

  1. If you do not have any tools, buy only the essentials – spade, fork, hoe, rake, trowel and water can
  2. For your back’s sake do not rush digging and clearance.  It is best to start in the Autumn
  3. If a plot is badly weeded over, it is best to skim off the top and then dig it
  4. Ensure you remove the roots of docks, dandelions and couch grass as these will grow
  5. Start a compost heap for vegetable matter
  6. Do not start to grow seeds in the open too early as many are lost in the cold and wet ground
  7. You will need to water plants that are being transplanted until they become established
  8. Aim for a succession of crops throughout the year and rotate the crops in sequence
  9. Plant flowers to make the plot more colourful
  10. Fellow plot holders can provide you with lots of helpful advice
  11. For further assistance and information on allotments, please take a look at ( The National Allotment Society)

Plots are inspected twice a year on each allotment to ensure plots are being cultivated properly.   A maximum of two letters will be sent to tenants in the event of non cultivation.  If the issue is not addressed, the tenancy will be terminated.   If there are issues cultivating plots, please contact or call 01273 585493