The FIVE THOUSAND Tin/Jar Challenge for the SCDA FOOD BANK

The Mayor of Peacehaven, Cllr. Claude Cheta has launched a campaign asking residents to donate either a tin or jar of food which will be delivered to the Seahaven Food Bank.
Cllr. Cheta has picked this charitable organisation to support whilst in post as Mayor.

Peacehaven Town Council are open for donations every weekday morning at Community House, Meridian Centre; however, we understand that the normal way of life has drastically changed over the past three months and it may be difficult to carry out a shopping trip to the supermarket. Bearing this in mind, we have also set up a GoFundMe so you can donate to the Mayor’s appeal without having to leave the house.

Either way it will help this vital cause. The Seahaven Foodbank covers the Havens which includes Peacehaven clients.
Seahaven Foodbank, also known as Newhaven Foodbank, provides food parcels to families and individuals in Newhaven, Sussex, and the surrounding areas.
The falloff in food donations caused by the Covid-19 crisis and the jump in demand that we have seen for the service has meant that the food bank has had to start buying food and other essential products. This, together with the need to move to a delivery model and the widening of the geographical area served, has increased costs significantly. A financial donation will enable supplies to be purchased and distributed to those who are struggling and vulnerable. A food parcel for an individual for one-week costs £14, or £18 with toiletries.
All donations to the Mayor’s GoFundMe page about to be launched on Facebook will go directly to the food bank.

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