Bees are important to us all. The bee is an integral part of our food system. Two-thirds of the world’s crops are pollinated by animals, with bees being the most prevalent and important pollinator. Our bees are dying out fast and a huge reason for this is the loss of their natural habitat. Bees’ have lost 97% of their grassland habitats in the past 60 years. But disaster can be averted.

Right now, people are working together to help create bee-friendly spaces all over the country - and we can too.

Peacehaven Town Council understands how important bees are to our Community. We would like to help our residents learn to help save our bees. We are hoping to reintroduce bees to Centenary Park. Before we reintroduce them we are asking our experts to come in to teach us all how we can look after them and how they benefit us all.

Brighton and Lewes Bee Keeping Association will be coming to the Merdian Centre every Saturday from 26th August up until the colder weather sets in, towards the end of September. Everyone is welcome to come and learn. We will have a virtual hive, photos, books, flowers, wax products and lots of honey to help you. Meet the Bees Days will start at eleven o’clock each day and run until about one o’clock.

The bees will be sealed in their virtual world so younger residents can come and safely see them. It is also an ideal time for those of you who may worry about bees to come and learn how we may peacefully live alongside these fantastic creatures.

We hope to see you there.